Parents :: Father of the Bride Speech

Every father of the bride begins planning his speech after his daughter says “I will”.  He has the length of the engagement to figure out just what to say to charm the crowd while giving his daughter away and holding back any tears that may be creeping up.


Quick Outline For the Father of the Bride:

* Always begin with an introduction of who you are (even though 75% of the people will already know).  Let them know you are the proud father of the bride and how long you have known the groom.

* Welcome everyone to the celebration and thank them for joining your family.  I always think it is nice to specifically mention certain guests who came the furthest to join.  It also helps make it more personal and let everyone at the wedding feel they are involved.

* Sharing a personal story—especially if it is funny—will be appreciated by the guests.  As a dad you have probably been involved in more day-to-day moments with the bride and groom and sharing that with family who came from afar will help catch everyone up.

* Depending on what type of venue you are at, it helps to clear up some administrative issues such as where the bar/bathrooms/guestbook are, or any other special items you may have at your reception are located!

* Thank everyone again and end with a cheers to the bride and groom!

Thank the People who Have Helped Along the Way:

* The pastor for holding such a beautiful ceremony, and if you know them personally maybe mention how long you have known them and why it is so important that they are marrying your daughter.

* The mothers of the bride and groom for their help in organizing the wedding.

* The bridal party who has shared so many memories and supported both the bride and groom along the way.

* Every friend and family member who has in some way made an impact in the two lives and helping them become who they are today.  Thank them for traveling to the event and giving up their time to spend the evening in celebration.

While you are writing your speech, here are a few suggestions of what you can fill in with:

*Let the crowd know your relationship over the years with your daughter, and let it reflect in your speech.  Tease/poke fun or add in some special jokes just for your daughter.

* Speak from your heart, avoid using other people’s words, only you can explain your feelings and thoughts.

* Tell any stories you remember from when she was a kid and dressed up in her mother’s wedding dress or would talk about her princess wedding.

* Talk about your first impressions of her new husband when she first brought him home.

* Mention the future and how it looks bright, let her know how proud you are about how far she has come and now with her new husband supporting her she has so many opportunities ahead.

* Point out what you have learned from your new son-in-law and daughter’s relationship.

* Of course, bring up how happy your daughter is now, and has been while dating her new husband.

* Offer advice that your mother and father left you with or might have toasted to at your wedding.

* Welcome the groom into the family, mention how excited you are to join the two families together.

* Always raise your glass at the end and toast to the new marriage, and to the memories created today and many memories left to be created.

** What are ideas that you have for the Father of the Bride to discuss during his speech? **