Alternative Wedding Dessert

There is definitely a cupcake craze going on in the wedding industry!  Do you serve the traditional delicious wedding cake, or do you you get creative with a variety of flavors and colors of cupcakes in the shape of a cake?  I came across this mini cake, three tiered cupcake  wedding extravaganza. A unique mixture of trendy cupcakes in the shape of tradition to serve your guests!


Source: The Kitchen

3 Responses

  1. Lindsey

    I LOVE the cupcake idea, but with 450 guests, I could not afford to do that…I also like the way a traditional cake looks in pics…can’t beat that! I think it is a cute, unique idea to make your wedding stand out!

  2. Echelon Life

    I think this is a very cute idea – would recommend for a bridal shower without hesitation or for weddings that would like to put individual cakes at each table. Hope that paper wrapper is a sugar illusion – looks very cute though!