Wedding Flowers :: Lily of the Valley

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For a much lighter, whimsical feel to your wedding I love these Lilies of the Valley.  Incorporating them into your bouquet will give it a much fuller look while keeping a romantic touch.

wedding bells


Mixing them into both the grooms flower and your bouquet will help tie you together in pictures.


I love how this cake took the Lily of the valley and incorporated it into the design.  The green leaves against the white icing makes the decoration stand out even more.  This is one small additional detail that will help incorporate a consistency throughout the day.


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3 Responses

  1. Lindsey

    I haven’t seen anything like these…very cool! Would be great in an outdoor setting!

  2. wholesale flowers

    Interesting concept with the cake keeping with the flower theme. Is it just me, or at first glance, do the flowers on the cake look like little marshmallows?