Rehearsal Mystery Dinner

If you are not looking to host a typical evening out rehearsal dinner, and want to surprise your guests – then a Murder Mystery Dinner might be the way to go!  A great example is the Mystery Dinner Playhouse in Washington D.C. Reserve a table (works best with a smaller group) and prepare for the problem solving to begin! From the time you arrive until the mystery is solved, you should be on the look out for clues!  Your wait staff also might be involved in the murder so pay attention closely.  This is a great way to give your guests a night of fun and break away from what is expected.


If you’re hosting a large rehearsal dinner and want to keep the event closer to home don’t worry, you can still host a mystery dinner for your guests.  Each one of your friends and family members will step into a new role for the evening and one of them will be the killer!  Purchase a mystery kit that will supply you with information and instructions on how to be the host.  You will love the laughs and entertainment this type of interactive dinner will bring!

2 Responses

  1. Lindsey

    Great idea! This would be a great way to keep everyone entertained while waiting for their food!