Wedding cake :: Solid vs. Patterned

Although you will still find basic clean lines on wedding cakes, many couples are adding texture to their design and spicing it up with unexpected twists!


Today brides and grooms are embracing not only color, but wedding cakes full of fun patterns!  The flavors and styles are all over the board.  No longer do you simply find a bakery for your wedding cake, if you are looking for one of these elaborate cakes you need an artist.  You need someone who can bring out the life in the cake and reflect your personality.  Each layer could be a different flavor with polka dots on half the cake and stripes and designs on the other.


How did you make your cake stand out?  Did you go to your bakery with a vision or did you let the artist design her own style?

Source: Manifest Vegan, Isabel Lawerence

2 Responses

  1. Brit

    I love both. It really depends on the feel you’re going for.

    We’re going to have three cakes. Two smaller and one larger. The larger one will be all red with a mirror of our invitation design, and the other two will be white with our monogram. They will have a very modern feel.