Recap :: What is your Family Thankful for this Year?

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So often do families across America get together to eat and take turns going around the table expressing what they are thankful for.  I am a huge supporter of taking the time to be grateful for all of the wonderful blessings we have around us.  I also think that when you are going around the table and quickly thinking off hand what you are thankful for it is very easy to default to generic items such as ‘family’, ‘friends’, ‘having a house over my head’, having my job still in this economy.

I want to dig a bit deeper and know which friend exactly and why, what have they done in the last year to impact your life.  Who at your work makes your day better, or maybe a recent assignment in your job has changed and you are thankful to be challenged again. Take the time to get specific and you will realize certain people or events stand out in the last year that you are overwhelmingly thankful for!  Finally don’t just say it out loud at a table once a year.  Seek out that friend or family member – or boss who has left an impression on you and let them know why you are thankful!


This year my family sat together and gave thanks… it looked something like this: We had 12 different topics listed on tiny sheets of paper which we passed around in a hat.  We each took turns drawing one, and then went around the table answering the question on the piece of paper. Some examples were as follows:

– A past friend you are thankful for and why

– A past experience this year that you are thankful for

– A future plan that you are thankful for

– Something you have purchased this year that you are thankful to be able to afford

– A TV Show/Movie/Book you have read that has inspired you this year

– Someone new in your life that you are thankful for

– Why you are thankful for your health in the last year

I challenge you to come up with your own topics of things to be thankful for! Have fun learning new things about everyone in your family and embrace what everyone has to be thankful for, it’s been a great year!!

  1. Vicki D

    I am thankful for my fiance’ family who has taken me in …it makes me feel as if my own family is here eventhough they are far away!!