Your Wedding From Your Guest’s Perspective

Your photographer is only one person!  Most of the time they will bring an extra body to help them cover the whole wedding, but still I guarantee they can’t be everywhere at all times.  Also, they see the wedding with a professional eye and are taking shots of the big events of the day along with a few of the unforgettable details!


Leave cameras on the table with this note along side it, encouraging your guests to have fun with the pictures and take fun pictures themselves.  Trust me you will be surprised with the artistic ability of your friends and family members! You will have very personal up close shots.  When the professional photographer comes around everyone strikes a pose, when you are at a table with your closest friends you let loose and show your true personality!

It will be cheap and easy to drop off the table cameras and when you get back from your honeymoon you will have a stack of pictures to recap right away your great memories!

**WARNING**  Depending who is at which table, you might have a lot of random shots or blank shots.  If kids get a hold of the camera you never know what will appear! This detail at your wedding could turn out FABULOUS or it could not go as planned.. but I think it is worth the risk!!

2 Responses

  1. Shane Mac

    Incredible Idea. While the focus is always on the Bride and Groom and should be the photographers focus, I always feel like so many great (and probably a good thing for some) moments are lost. Good stuff and keep up the good work!