Hawaiian Honeymoon :: Road to Hana

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Step One : Rent a convertible, simply to have fun with the drive.  Since there are a lot of twists and turns and so much beautiful scenery to see, it’s only fair for the driver to have a convertible to enhance the experience.


Step Two: Drive safely. There are a lot of one way bridges and curves on the drive, you never know when to expect another driver around the next turn.

Step Three: Make sure you stop and enjoy the scenery.  There are designated places to pull over and I highly suggest you take advantage of each one!  Hidden waterfalls, deep valleys and coastal views await you!

Step Four: Plan ahead.  It is a long drive and while you will love every bit of scenery, there are only a few restrooms and restaurants.  Bring food because when you finally get to Hana you have about three choices of places to eat, none are too enticing.  Bring a packed lunch with you and pull over at one of the stops and eat while taking in the beauty.  Also, it is around a 6 hour round trip drive three hours each way. So don’t expect to be back before lunch.



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  1. ChuckL

    The road to Hana is a great analogy for married life. You set off and it is an adventure. You soon realize the road can be treacherous and there are no guard rails. As you round an exciting turn, you discover a breathtaking moment you have to stop and enjoy. The road continues and you meet a one lane bridge you just have to commit to cross and accept any consequence that comes. Once crossed, you find beautiful waterfalls and pools that are refreshing and rejuvinating. At the end of the trek, you realize you have accomplished a great deal and are bound most by the memories shared by traveling fearlessly together.