Budget Basics :: What is Most Important To You?

**This is a perfect motto for every bride out there to keep in mind**

The key to controlling your wedding budget is to ensure that while you are planning everything ¬†– you keep ‘the main thing’, the main thing! ¬†Every bride has a main thing – but find yours and stick to it!

2 Responses

  1. joanna

    I’m an “Other”- our main thing was Family.

    – We had to sacrifice & cut a lot of friends off the guest list so that our large family could attend. There were almost no friends our age that were not in the wedding party
    – We served a meal rather than just appetizers so that out-of-towners would be able to travel during the day to the wedding & be fed at the end of the long trip.
    – We had the wedding & reception in a small-ish town, which was cheaper and closer to much of my husband’s family, but not “convenient”
    – We respected family’s preferences & traditions for celebrating, even if they weren’t our own

    In the end, our wedding reflected our priorities & values as a couple, and that’s what was important.

  2. Lindsey

    Since both myself, and my husband are from the same area, we knew we were going to have a huge wedding. With the guest count totaling over 500, we knew food was going to be a big expense. But I would have to say that decor (flowers and such) was the biggest part of the budget. Given the chance again, I wouldn’t have changed anything! Everything was more beautiful than I could have imagined and I was so happy with how the day turned out. We were also able to sell a lot of the items used in the decor, so we were able to get some of the losses incurred from all the decorations back. The photographer was very important as well, because pictures will allow you to look back at your wedding for years to come! If you spend a lot of money on the flowers, cake, etc, you want great pictures to remembering everything by!