Why Did You Send Save the Dates?

There are a few reasons that couples choose to send save the dates, and there are a number of reasons why a bride and groom would avoid these reminders. I have seen events where only the bridal party and family members received the save the dates so those closest to the couple are aware of the date. Personally, I chose to not send out these cards and used the money elsewhere. I love the creativity that goes into many save the dates, and I have shown a few of my favorite below while outlining many of the reasons people send out the fun reminders.

Their wedding date falls on a big holiday or important weekend.

Many of the guests are coming from out of town, so they give their friends enough time to plan travel.

To get the guests excited about the city the wedding is in.

To get the guests excited about the wedding.

To have fun.

To tell a story

To add some humor to the day.

To show off their personality.

Why did you send yours and how did you make your wedding date memorable?