Wedding Health :: Pre Wedding Massage

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Relax.  Your pre wedding health depends on it!  Getting sleep and avoiding feeling stressed will make a huge impact on your body as the months creep closer to your big day.

Stress is easy to come by while planning a wedding, but will cause numerous health issues if you chose to carry the stress.  You will build up the stress and begin to see changes in your sleeping pattern, your immune system and your overall attitude.

Why it is Important to Avoid Stress:

1. Your sleeping pattern will become off schedule, you will feel tired during the day and you will be unable to sleep during the night hours.  Your sleep will become restless and you may not be reaching your deepest REM cycle of sleep.

2. Your immune system will begin to slowly fail. Your body might feel achy and you will be much more likely to catch whatever bug is going around that season.

3. You will become cranky (or at least I do)!  Little issues that pop up you won’t handle as well as you should because of the tension and stress you are feeling.  Small things will become Big things in the planning process.

Suggestions on Embracing Your Stress:

1. Learn to manage your stress.  When you feel your body begin to tense and you feel the adrenaline pumping and stress building take a step back.  Walk away from what you are doing and take 10 minutes to rest.  Stress isn’t necessarily all bad, but you need to learn to control it and not let it build up.

2. Get a massage!  Plan a pre-wedding beauty day to pamper yourself including a full body massage to work out any kinks you may have building up.  I have also known brides to not only do a pre-wedding massage, but to purchase packages and they get one 3 – 4 months prior and then another one the week prior.  It forces you to make time for yourself and relax.

3. Find time for your life outside of the wedding. Wedding planning is consuming.  Brides many times feel they are all alone in the planning process.  While their group of friends are out on the town they are at home planning invitations and addressing envelopes.  Don’t feel trapped by your plans.  Schedule time for your friends at least once a week – get out and laugh! The simple act of laughter every day will help your stress feel more manageable in the long run.

How did you decrease stress building up to your big day?