I Expected the Focus to be on Me

This is not an unrealistic expectation.  Expecting the focus to be on  you, on YOUR wedding day does not seem out of line, but there are numerous brides that become bridezillas due to this expectation not being met.

YES you are the bride and the day is about you

YES you spent the past year preparing for this day and planning every detail

YES you have a lot of money invested in the day

YES you have been working out, tanning and beautifying so that you look your best on this day

YES you attended everyone else’s wedding and centered the attention on them, now it is your turn

Now I am going to make a side-note that I am asking you to understand – Everyone else has their lives happening at the same time as your wedding. Although this is an obvious statement – some brides take the ‘Focus on me’ to the extreme and want everyone else’s lives to be put on hold.  There is a difference between wanting the focus to be on you and being selfishly ignorant of others emotions, relationships and problems around you.

This is a hard expectation to write about because there are bridesmaids that get jealous and attempt to dramatically steal the attention – trust me I’ve seen it!  But there are also bridesmaids and family members that genuinely want the focus to be on their bride but may have a tough situation going on in their own life.  This expecation I believe is a two way street – Brides need to realize that lives do go on and be patient, but bridesmaids and family need to realize that there is a huge expectation of every bride to want the attention on them, just for the day.

What do you think – is this truly a two way street?

2 Responses

  1. joanna

    Just a couple weekends ago, we told our family we were expecting our first baby on our way to an out-of-town wedding. I was afraid that our exciting news would steal the thunder of the new couple, but, instead, everyone was in a celebrating mood, and a new baby was just one more thing to celebrate. The party was still about the marriage.

  2. Claire

    I do believe this is a two way street. No one can stop time or the lives of others but if all involved are respectful and are considerate to each other, regardless of what life throws at them. I believe the bride will still have ample attention on her wedding day and have kept her friendships in tact if not made them stronger through the experience.