To Clean or Not to Clean?

I am curious to find out the percentage of brides who professionally cleaned their dress and the percent of brides who still have their dress in the original state from the wedding day.  I will be honest, I had all good intentions for my beautiful wedding dress post nuptials, but I didn’t plan accordingly. After the honeymoon we quickly moved to a new city, moved into a new apartment and changed careers.  Long story short, weeks quickly turned into a months … and embarrassingly enough 2.5 years later my dress still hangs proudly in the closet.

Leave comments and let me know what you think. Is it worthwhile to clean your dress? How did you  plan ahead to ensure it made it to the cleaner? Was your dress cleaning an afterthought or pre planned? What was your main incentive to have your dress cleaned?

  1. Mary

    I did, but only because my mom took it in for me immediately after the wedding. 🙂
    So, in essence, my mom made me do it. I probably would’ve just put it in the closet if it was up to me!