Fill in the Blank Thank You Notes

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How much time and thought did you put into thanking your guests for their gifts and support during your wedding?

Recently I have heard more and more surrounding pre written – fill in the blank thank you notes. I understand the thought process on why these cards began, it is hard  to keep track of the million of things to do in addition to the 200+ thank you cards you are writing for all the great stuff you received as gifts. What I have a hard time understanding is how in deciding what your priorities are, items such as finding the perfect garter, or getting your dress cleaned weeks later can be more important than thanking those most important to you

Thank You


Not everyone will share my outlook on these non-personal thank you cards.  It is truly an opinion of priorities and how you choose to organize them.  I will say receiving a pre written card is better then sending no thank you card at all!

What do you think?!  How important are thank you cards in the big picture of your wedding?

4 Responses

  1. Pip Gray

    awesome idea, plus depending on your guests these definately have the potential to be hilarious x

  2. Sara

    Personally, I not only believe this are inappropriate, but I still believe cards should be hand-written. Within the last year, I’ve received a thank you card on half of a card(!), a pre-typed message (which was, however, personalized) printed on a wedding photo, which explains its lengthy delay, and, sadly, *no* thank you note.

    So, pre-typed over no card – yes. The example you’ve shown I could see as a joke (I don’t think I’d use it for a wedding, though), and you could personalize freely in the spaces. Also, I could see this being used as a guide for someone who is unsure how to phrase her thank you notes.

    However, I’m old fashioned when it comes to this. I still think they should always be hand-written.

  3. Lindsey

    I agree with Sara, I am old fashioned and think that each thank you note should be hand written. Your older guests will appreciate it more. My mother would have vetoed this idea immediately! However, I do agree that it is better to send this, than no thank you at all. I had 500 guests and knocked out my thank you’s in a couple of evenings. It gives you the chance to review the day once more!

  4. Michelle

    I personally like a hand-written thank you, it is definitely more personable and it gives you a chance to reflect on that person and what they actually bought you and it can be more sentimental then a generic thank you that everyone gets. I have always given hand written thank yous and yes it does take some time but seeing as my wedding will be out of town and a lot of people will be traveling to it I think they deserve that little extra time since they took a lot of their own time to make my day special!