Engagement Photo Shoot .. In Your House?

Engagement Photo Shoot at Home

Source: bobbi + Mike

I had never considered an engagement shoot in your house before recently hearing it about it from a close friend. I had always loved outdoor photo shoots with big city skylines or scenic locations with colorful backdrops. The more I learn about and see photos from at home engagement sessions, the more I believe that this is an intimate way to capture casual and unique photos.

Why I Think engagement photos at home are a good thing:

It Is Personal

You are inviting everyone who sees the photos into your house. You are showing them around your kitchen and into your bedroom possibly. All of your things will be in the picture and they will see a very intimate side of you.

You can control the settings

Since you are in your own house, you know what to expect. You can clean it and put things where you want them and hide what you want hidden. You don’t have to worry about unwanted circumstances from being in a public park or the weather not working out on your shoot.

You are in your comfort zone

Most engagement photo shoots that don’t turn out well are because the couple is visibly uncomfortable. The camera will be able to tell if you are nervous, cramped, hot or uneasy. If you are in your home you are on your own turf, you are used to being there so hopefully your photos will show you happy and carefree.

You can easily change outfits or touch up makeup and hair

You don’t need to climb in the back of a car or find a park bathroom to change your clothes.  Your entire closet is at your disposal. If for some reason the photographer thinks the colors or outfit isn’t working you can quickly change or add items. You don’t have to be fully prepared to walk out with every necklace and scarf and shoe you want in your photo.

Air conditioning!

Outdoor photo shoots in the summer can be brutal! There is nothing worse than being dressed up and walking around in the heat of the day, sweating through your clothes. No one wants memories of that.


What to be cautious of if having an at home engagement photo session


Prior to committing to an at home session, invite your photographer to come to your house and survey the scene. Decide when the best time of day would be for him to get the best shot.

House appearance/Cleanliness

You have enough to stressed about with the upcoming wedding plans and having to spend a week cleaning and straightening your house isn’t a priority. If I was having my engagement shoot at my house I would want to go out and purchase new pillows, rugs and curtains to make my house in top shape. All of this which you wouldn’t have to do if you were having it elsewhere.


Your computer’s email sounds are going off, the phone is ringing and the water in the kitchen is for some reason not working…all while you are trying to look your best and smile for the camera. You need to be able to turn off the distractions at your house for a few hours and focus on  your photo shoot. You only have your photographer there for a certain number of hours, so take advantage!

What do you think about the idea of having your engagement session at home?

  1. joanna

    The downside I see, is that many engaged couples don’t have a “home”- they’re not living together, and aren’t planning to until the wedding. Having the photos at a location that is intimate and special to the couple does make sense, though.