Soup Shots

Start your night of celebration with not only shots of tequila, but start with shots of pea soup and chicken tortilla! (Don’t overdo they might have to cut you off early in the night!) 🙂 Everything at weddings is going mini … Continued

Something Blue

The  ‘Something Blue’ tradition started to represent  the couple’s fidelity to each other on the wedding day.  Some brides have trouble finding their something blue, hopefully this will help start your creative juices thinking of where you can incorporate this … Continued

Something New

Buying Something New is usually a lot easier for brides, due to all of the possibilities.. your dress…jewelery…your veil.. shoes.. the options are endless! I don’t think many of you out there will need help with finding ‘Something New’ on … Continued

Something Old

Wearing Something Old on your wedding day is choosing to honor your relationships with your family after you enter into your marriage, and begin your own family. In the busy schedule of planning a wedding you are still expected to … Continued